Laser Cutting

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Today, laser cutting of metal is the most accurate, fastest and most inexpensive method of metalworking.

We are happy to offer you laser cutting of steel, brass, copper, aluminum and titanium using the latest HE Laser equipment.

This laser machine can cut carbon steel up to 0.8 mm thick. The maximum sheet size is 1500 * 3000mm.

In addition to laser cutting services, our company provides complex metal processing services.

In the field of laser cutting, our company occupies a leading position in the Uzbek market, and we can offer competitive prices.

Laser cutting of metal is the process of cutting (cutting) metal using a high power laser. The laser cutting technology is carried out with a computer, which ensures high cutting accuracy up to 1 millimeter.

Requirements for design documentation

*.dwg and *.dxf files are accepted for orders
If you need a drawing elaboration, you can also contact our specialists.

Speed ​​of execution of orders for laser cutting metal

As a rule, it takes from 1 to 3 days from the date of contact and the availability of ready-made drawings for cutting.