About company

TEXENERGOREMMASH JV has been operating in the energy market of Uzbekistan and the Central Asian region for over 12 years. Over the years, the Company has established itself in front of its customers as a reliable and stable partner.

Today our company is a dynamically developing enterprise with high-tech production. Equipped with modern equipment and machines with vertically integrated production processes, which allows the economical use of energy resources without violating the integrity of the production process.

We offer a full range of services for the manufacture of electrical equipment of varying degrees of complexity, as well as services for the diagnosis and repair of power and traction transformers. The modern production process established at the enterprise is able to ensure the production of products according to individual customer requirements. For this, the enterprise is equipped with modern technological equipment, both specialized and universal, widely uses advanced technologies, uses high-quality modern materials in production.

The specialists of our enterprise have the practice of manufacturing unique electrical equipment with their subsequent industrial testing and setting up for serial production.

Our clients are enterprises in the industrial, oil and gas and mining industries. We carry out the production of substations KTP, transformers TMG, YAKNO, ShchO, etc.